Happy to receive visitors in my own internet house. I need it badly to be able to introduce to my art as many fans of Jewish Folk Song as possible. I don't hesitate to use to word "art" although I do not compose songs. But I believe a musician involved in folklore may be considered, undoubtedly, A coauthor of the stuff he is dealing with. I became interested in folk art when I was very young. I was fascinated by the folk music of various cultures as musical phenomenon characterized by simplicity and sincerity as well as specific musical and cultural features. As a young girl I had my manual, which was the book called "This Train Is Bound For Glory" by famous American folk singer Woody Guthrie. His concept about folk music has always been close to me. Go on reading. Soon my interest focused on my native folk love. There were many records of Jewish folk songs in our house. My parent - blessed is their memory - wouldn't speak Yiddish to their children, but they knew the language. When I expressed the wish to sing those songs my father, at my request, started to write down the lyrics of Yiddish songs in Russian letters. My mother thought me some songs which had been preserved in her memory since her childhood. This is how my first repertoire came into been. I used to perform with this repertoire for our visitors at family celebrations. I grew up in Novorossiysk, a small town by the sea with extremely small Jewish population. Everything changed after I had left for Moscow. During my studding at Musical Faculty of Moscow Pedagogical Institute I met many activists of Zionist movement and began my concert career. First it were home sessions, late, on the wave of "perestroyka", I performed on the official stages of Moscow. My graduate diploma work was "Jewish folklore in Prokfiev's and Shostakovich's music". By that time my repertoire included about 100 folk songs. The special feature of my repertoire that I perform rare songs. Jewish folklore is not only "Tum-balalaika" and "Yiddishe mama". As any folklore, it is a huge ocean, where countless treasures are hidden. I guess my mission to reveal these treasures to people so that they could enjoy them with my little help. In 1991 I moved to Israel with my family. I have been living here for 16 years performing Jewish folk songs. In Israel I started learning Yiddish and now I am able to work with my repertoire on my own and talk with my audience in Yiddish. The huge world of Yiddish literature was unfolded before me. And this undoubtedly enriches my performance since I feel the song text deeper. I was influenced by Piaff in terms of my performing stile no less than by Woody Guthrie. Her ability to live her song on the stage, her expressive body language, her powerful spirit, her genuine feelings are although peculiar to me. It's amazing now organically blended with my performance of Jewish folk songs (moreower,I am tall as Piaff and generally look like her). So it was only natural for me to sing Piaff in Yiddish. And in spite of the fact that many people keep saying it has nothing to do with Yiddish culture or it is imitation, which is not exiting, not vital and even ridiculous I say:"I'm not imitating Piaff, there I do not sing her songs in French. I sing my own Piaff, if your like. It is another possibility to express myself to transforming into her. This is a great joy for a creative artist... Backing tracks were created by Angela Farber, the most talented musician and composer. That's it. That's what I wanted to tell you about myself. Come and visit me, listen, ask questions, write references, enjoy! In short, welcome to the site of Polina Belilovsky! Connection telephone: 052-3659636, 03-5704899